Happy Birth/Earth Day

Because the 21st was my birthday (which I share with Kate the Great) and the 22nd was Earth Day and the Hags will be the featured performers at the Eart Day Celebration at Lawless Park on May 16th. Earth Day
Last Saturday I went to a writer’s conference. One of the presenters was Keith Taylor, a poet who teaches at U of M. He’s an ex-Mennonite from Alberta, who told a very funny story about the Doukhobors, a religious sect that originated in Russia and emigrated to Alberta. When they wanted to protest something, they would take off their clothes and stand naked in public, which is how he saw a naked woman when he was 8 years old.
 Here’s some lyrics from a song (not sure who wrote it) called Garbage:
Mr Thompson starts his Cadillac and winds it up the freeway track
Leaving friends and neighbors in a hydrocarbon haze
He’s joined by lots of smaller cars all sending gasses to the stars
There to form a seething cloud that hangs for thirty days
While the sun licks down upon it with it’s ultraviolet tongues
Till it turns to smog and settles down and ends up in our lungs…
Cheery, huh? Well, we’re doing my sister Bessie’s beautiful song Swallows as a tonic.
It’s actually been snowing here for the past 30 minutes, but the daffodils haven’t dampened and the tulips are still closed tight. And now it’s gone.
And so am I. Till next time, hope to see you at Lawless!.
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