Steve Kaszar

DSCN0069Steve is, first and foremost, a Christian. Over the years, he’s passed time as an alright student and teacher of English, an average day laborer, a passable stagehand and stage manager, loyal member of IATSE Local, a reliable library staff member, and a tolerable pastor and preacher. He’s lived in Akron, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, Westfield, Wisconsin, and Cassopolis, Michigan with a brief stint in San Bernardino, California when he was very young.

While playing in a number of unremembered basement/bar bands (O, for the days of JOB’s Down, Mother’s and Pancho Villa’s in Kent!), musical influences have come from a lot of directions, but mostly Rockabilly, 80’s/90’s power pop and punk (Styx opening for the Dead Kennedys), and traditional, particularly English, hymnody. He’s cold to rap and has no tolerance for opera, unless it’s the bizarre kinds like Bela Bartok. He also has a great fondness for the Three Stooges.

His only hobby is collecting (read amassing, hoarding) books, an inheritance from his mother, and a perpetual habit since he was young. He has also developed a lifetime love of exercise (aerobics and swimming, primarily) thanks to the encouragement of a grad-assistant college Phys. Ed. Teacher.

Married for thirty-odd years to Martha, with no children but a load of cats and a grand-daughter of the heart, Allie. He is, Finally and lastmost, a Christian. His one great question in life is, who wrote the Book of Love?


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