Ruth Andrews


Hard to believe she’s not locked up somewhere, but Ruth remains on the loose and is determined to take full advantage of the situation. 

Ruth Andrews began her artistic career as a filmmaker. Since then she has worked as a lifeguard, writer, waitress, singer, actor, development director, theater director, executive director, taxi driver, infant swim instructor, mediator and muralist. She has a Masters in Conflict Resolution from Antioch University.


In 2012, Ruth wanted to create a CD of her children’s book, Fatty and the Ogres. Having worked with Bev Smith on musicals, she turned to Bev for help with sound effects. That project somehow gave birth to the Winsome Hags. Ruth sings, plays flute and lead kazoo. Other hags have come and gone, but founding Hags Ruth and Bev swear they’ll be Hags till they die.

Ruth is the mother of three and grandmother of six. She lives with one sculptor, one feral cats and four parakeets in Cassopolis, MI.


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