The Winsome Hags have performed at our libraries several times and have never failed to connect with diverse audiences.   Whether presenting an original adaptation of a classic folk tale or musically chronicling a historical moment or social movement, this talented troupe finds our common denominator.   Audiences see their reflection in the people, places, and plights that the Hags enliven.  Their repertoire includes familiar songs and stories about legendary people, but they also feature tunes and tales about lesser known folks who have made significant contributions to life changing efforts and causes.   In short, a Winsome Hags’ performance equals entertainment infused with meaning.  The Hags leave audiences feeling proud of and hopeful for humanity.

Jennifer Ray, Director, Cass District Library


The Winsome Hags have performed at the Cass County Council on Aging many times for standing room only audiences. Their programs are very entertaining and they even manage to put in a little “message” each time they perform. The seniors here at the COA

look forward to their appearances and let us know the Hags are their favorite performers. The members of the group are very talented on musical instruments and also vocally and their versatility is engaging.

I would recommend them to anyone looking for good clean entertainment that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences.

Sandi Hoger, Active Living Team Leader