The Winsome Hags Welcome You

Ruth Andrews, Steve Kaszar and Bev Smith embrace hagdom by making music, telling stories and having a good time. We’d love to share our good times with you.

We’ve lived in the Cassopolis, Michigan community for many  years; the Hags formed in March of 2013. In 2018 The Winsome Hags were included in the Michigan Humanities Council Touring Directory. 

Our favorite themes are  Aging, Freedom,  and Spooky Stuff. We mix it up with ballads, folk, gospel, rock-a-billy, stories, soul, rap (well, hag-style rap), jazz  and oh, yes, some, ahem, adult material. We may be hags but we’re not prudes. We’d love to design a program just for you. 

1 Response to The Winsome Hags Welcome You

  1. Debbie Groves says:

    insomniac internet/FB lurking found this…..SO BLOODY IMPRESSED!!
    Your almost-month-older Bohnite cuz Debbie

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